Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ghd Scarlet Limited edition straighteners

This was one of my Christmas Presents from my lovely Boyfriend <3

They are amazing, i only had to straighten each section of my hair a couple of times when with most straighteners ive had to go over it a few times. GHD also say that these straighteners are less damaging to your hair compared to others!
The packaging is beautiful too, when you open the box the straighteners are inside a red head pouch which looks like a lovely little clutch bag (so i wouldnt want to ruin it by using it as a heat pouch)
its also comes with a couple of sectional clips and a plastic protection cover for the straightener itself, (which is great because im forever leaving mine on the floor and standing on them and breaking them!)
They retail for around £130, from good salons...<3

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